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Gtekk was originally created in 2000, registered with Network Solutions, and later transfered to Melbourne IT in 2008. The original purpose for the site was to provide interactive screenshots of multiple operating systems and various software so that those working in technical support (by phone) could see exactly what their customers were seeing.

During the ten years spent in various technical support capacities, more elements were added to Gtekk to provide a wider range of support and Gtekk's mission was expanded to include end user needs.

In 2013, it became evident that the quantity of information provided was often overwhelming for end users, making it dificult for them to locate answers to specific questions. The entire site was removed and the work to encapsulate information in painlessly assimilated sections began.

Although Gtekk orginally spanned operating systems and software from as far back as Windows 95, its current incarnation will be restricted to Windows 2000 and beyond. Mac coverage will go no farther back than Max OS X v10.5 (Leopard).

The Gtekk search feature is MySQL driven and scheduled for update as soon as all data is uploaded.

It is my hope that Gtekk can be useful in "de-Geeking" Information Technology for end users, students, and small business owners.

Please feel welcome to contact Gtekk with questions.


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