Gtekk - FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

      1. After spending years on the computer, I found that muted colors were less harsh on my eyes. I felt that would also benefit others.

      1. Smaller files = easier load times for viewers. Flash files tend to grow in size quickly.

      1. Not to what, actually. Just enhanced. Right now the search is based on 'match' and after more content is reformatted and uploaded, I'll add an 'if no results' use 'like' and a couple more features.

      1. I have thought about that. But the content is often cross-indexed and the two formats are so different, I suspect it would cause more troubles than it would solve.

      1. Although this isn't the answer I'd like to give: I can't rightly say. Remember that work on Gtekk is in my spare time and that is often limited. Use the 'contact Gtekk' link and I'll zip and send the utility section to you.

      1. Because some years ago, another site suddenly published a ton of images of an O/S that it had not had beforehand...right after a large spike in Gtekk bandwidth usage...and the images carried my odd style. Were the images taken from Gtekk? I don't know. But from now on, if someone wants credit for the work of others, they will at least have to do some Photoshopping to make it happen. ;-P

      1. Apologies to past professors, trainers, and helpful professionals because I do not remember all your names.

        Site credits:
        HTML Goodies
        ...many more coming...

        Book & Document credits:
        Norman R. Howes
        Jason L. Mitchell
        Barbara Obermeier
        Sue Jenkins
        Jorge Cruise
        Chris Oat
        Richard C. Dorf
        Samuel R. Buss
        John Eric Adair
        Daniel Horowitz
        Kelly L. Murdock
        Khanh Phong Ly
        Thorsten Scheuermann
        Vlad Stamate
        Tien-Tsin Wong
        Eric Haines
        David R. Gosselin
        Allen G. Taylor
        Austin Grossman
        Naba Barkakati
        Michael Trent
        Drew McCormack
        Brian W. Kernighan
        Dennis M. Ritchie
        Wallace Wang
        Brad Hinkel
        Daniel Sanchez
        Ron Penton
        Rudy Rucker
        Don Seegmiller
        Gerard M. Hill
        Joseph Phillips
        Michael Dawson
        Alan Thorn
        A. Anthony Bruno
        Jacqueline Kim
        ...many more coming...

        This is an ongoing list. Expect it to be updated. Living is learning! :-)

As always, please feel welcome to contact Gtekk with questions.


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