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Links listed are to sites and services that have earned appreciation and respect over the years. Please note these sites are external. Although they are tested on a regular basis, it is possible that some might change. If a dead link is found, please contact Gtekk.

Website hosting

Need a server for your website? Something more professional than the limited options given my your ISP?
      1. Over the years, when asked for a recommendation for a website hosting service, customers and friends have asked me why I offer only one - Inmotion Hosting. In my own experience, as well as noting the experience of others with complaints about their hosting sites, Inmotion Hosting is the only service I can honestly recommend!

        Initial set-up is painless. Rates are extremely competitive (you will be surprised at how affordable). The user Cpanel is intuitive and simple - even for those without experience. Services included for use on websites are extensive and easily managed - examples include forums, e-commerce options, database, email (of course) and much more. Their support personnel are consistently top notch - customer friendly and highly knowledgeable. I would not consider using any other service.
        P.S. I don't get paid to say that!

Software downloads - free and free-to-try

The politics of some sites for software download might be iffy (in that I fully support keeping the Internet un-controlled so that it remains a source of education and innovation rather than restricted for the profit of the 'big players'), but since Gtekk is an education and support website rather than a political one, there are quite a few sources for software downloads (beyond the developer's download options) that are useful.
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Code and application help

      1. Although I cannot recommend the certification testing offered by W3schools, their content on scripting code is very useful.

        HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, PHP, XML ....and much more.

      1. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a commercially funded organisation drawn from commercial, public and academic sectors that standardizes (via Recommendations) protocols and formats for the World Wide Web. Many developers would say that closer adherence to those standards would greatly simplify web development.

        Tip: Test your site pages at W3C for compliance.

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      1. HTML Goodies is written in human terms (always nice to avoid the geek-speak!) and with a light-hearted sense of humor. Within the last couple of years, the site format has been updated and is easy to use. Many topics are covered, such as HTML, JavaScript, Java applets, CSS, XML, ASP, and PHP. Since the new format, advertising has increased dramatically on the site, but so far, it is not a hindrance.

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      1. Free help for users of Microsoft Windows 95 through Windows 8 and Linux. This is a volunteer run site with a very active forum area. Past forum messages are searchable, which can be a little slow but helpful.

        The site layout has been revamped, improving usability. On the down-side advertising is now more prominent.

  1. Free - entertainment category

        1. Pandora Radio, the Music Genome Project in 1999, is a unique digital music service that recommends content based on your likes and dislikes. Using complex algorithms for profiling the character of audio tracks, Pandora Radio intelligently suggests new music using your feedback history (thumbs up/down system).

          The free version is perfectly functional and enjoyable. The down-sides include: only available in the U.S. and (song) skip limits of six skips per hour, per station and occasional brief audio ads.

          System requirements:
          1 - broadband connection
          2 - Internet browsers supported - Internet Explorer (some glitches reported), Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
          3 - Windows minimum requirements - CPU: 2 Ghz, RAM: 1GB
          4 - Mac minimum requirements - CPU: PowerPC G5 1.8 Ghz, RAM: !GB

Free - education

      1. Discovery is an educational site that encourages discovering all the world has to offer. Discovery Kids section articles cover topics about natural disasters, growing up, machines, continents, space, and much more. An activities page provides interactive ideas for recipes, making crafts, designing clothes, and experimenting with science. Games are age appropriate, challenging, and educational, and the online puzzles are fun and entertaining. Some games ask for a user name and email address. Discovery Animal Planet section includes a large arrangement of natural and fanciful education and entertainment. Discovery Science Channel and Investigation Discovery open the horizon for further learning. Teachers, including parents home-schooling, can explore life's most intriguing questions with their students by accessing free, standards-aligned lesson plans, webinars, and videos designed for 6th-12th grade students. Discovery Education provides homework help for students, teaching resources for K - 12, worksheets, lesson plans, and a fabulous puzzle-maker to make learning fun as well as productive!

Services - topping the charts in excellence

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