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No matter what the topic, it's very complicated and beyond our reach...until we actually take a look at it. There is nothing that you cannot learn provided you have the interest. When it comes to your computer, it's actually very easy.

Each section of Gtekk is in the process of update. It became clear that we need three levels of information available. The Tutorial level is useful for those unfamiliar with the topic. The Walk-thru level provides step-by-step instructions on usage and technical support of issues often encountered by end-users as well as Tier I technical support personnel. The Active Screenshots level is specifically useful to technical support - Tier II and up or advanced end-users.

Gtekk was originally designed for Tier I and Tier II technical support, providing simulations of multiple operating systems so that those walking customers through procedures could see what their client was seeing rather than having to rely on their memory of each step. Active screenshots allow the tech to clearly describe the steps of support procedures.

Working for many years in that field myself, I found it useful to add walk-throughs and simulations for much of the software that clients use to enjoy the Internet, research class projects, and work from home. In fact, much of the information originally uploaded for web design was in response to customers' needs. Since I could not ethically teach those customers while on the company clock, I would publish tutorials for them from home. A good portion of the sections dealing with programming - particularly the C++ and Visual Basic - was uploaded for study groups.

You will notice there are ads on this site. These are not paid ads; they are sources that have proven themselves useful. Most of the ads are links to free resources. Each section of Gtekk contains links to free resources for that specialty. For example, the Email section contains links to download free email clients.

A quick word about how to get the most out of Gtekk.

  1. The suggestion to "click" an item refers to a single left mouse button click.
  2. A right mouse button click is termed: Right-click.
  3. Click and hold means to left-click an item and hold down the mouse button until done reading.
Please note that the filmstrip icon: View video demonstration is a link to a video demonstration which will open in a new window. Simply close that window when done.


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