Mac Mail - Version 4.6

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Mac Mail is one of many email clients available for managing email.

Using Mac Mail (or any email client) is so straight-forward that instructions on configuration, use, and troubleshooting problems is included in the "Walk-thru" tab.

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What you can do with Mac Mail

  • Receive emails
  • Reply to emails
  • Send new emails
  • Manage spam (junk emails)
  • Organize emails
  • Receive and send files (pictures & other media and documents)
  • Choose or create stationery formats
  • Organize tasks
  • Select content from emails to track
  • Organize thoughts & ideas with Notes

Mac Mail

      1. Most email clients (applications) will automatically check for new mail every thirty minutes, by default. The time interval can be changed to suit your needs. Please be aware that setting an email client to check for new emails too often can cause confusing 'glitches' with some email servers.
        Mac Mail - Check for new mail

      1. Click New Message
        Mac Mail - Create a new email
        1 - Enter the recipient's email address
        2 - Enter a subject
            The subject is optional. Most email clients (applications) will, by default, warn you when sending mail without a subject.
        3 - Type your message
        4 - Click Send
        Mac Mail - The subject is optional

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      1. 1 - When Mail is opened for the first time, you are automatically prompted to provide the information necessary to configure an email account.

        If not prompted, click File > Add Account
        Add new mail account
        2 - Full Name contains whatever you want your recipients to see in their From column.
              Email Address - enter your email address.
              Password - enter the password to access your email.
              Click Continue
        Enter your name, email address, and password
        3 - Enter the POP (incoming mail server) settings provided by your ISP or host server.
              Note:This is most often your full email address.
              Click Continue
        Enter POP settings provided by your ISP
        4 - Enter SMTP (outgoing mail server) settings provided by your ISP or host server.
              Click Continue
        Enter SMTP settings provided by your ISP
        5 - Check Take account online
        6 - Review account info. If correct, click Create
        Click Create
      1. 1 - Click Mail
        2 - Click Preferences
        Open Mail Preferences
        3 - Click the +
        4 - Follow steps as described above.
        5 - Or to delete an account, highlight it and click the - button.
        Alternate way to edit email accounts
      1. Right-click the email account where you want the new folder
        Mac Mail - Add new mailbox / folder dialog box

        1 - Select location desired
        2 - Name the mailbox / folder
        3 - Click OK
        Mac Mail - Add new mailbox / folder

      1. Why in the world would you have to learn these little ins and outs of your software? You don't. You can happily use applications - and effectively - without checking out the features available. can customize it to do just what you want it to do. Either way is equally good.

        To open Mail Preferences:
        1 - Click Mail
        2 - Click Preferences
        Open Mail Preferences
      1. 1 - Default email reader
              If you have multiple applications installed to manage your email, choose here which one to set as the default.
        2 - Check for new messages
              Set how often to check the server for new messages.
        3 - New messages sound
              What sounds, if any, do you want when new email arrives?
        4 - Dock unread count
              Choose which new emails to display on the Mail icon in the Dock
              Choices are none, Inbox Only, or All Mailboxes.
        5 - Add invitations to iCal
              Choices are Automatically or Never.
        6 - Downloads folder
              Choose preferred folder for downloads.
              Choices are Downloads or browse to a folder
        7 - Remove unedited downloads
              Choices are Never, When mail quits, or After message is deleted.
        8 - If outgoing server is unavailable
              Choices are Show a list of alternative servers or Automatically try sending later
        9 - When searching all mailboxes, include results from
              Choose folders to include when searching.
        Mail Preferences - General tab
      1. Mac Mail - Mail preferences, Accounts tab

        Mac Mail - Mail preferences, Mailbox behaviors

        Mac Mail - Mail preferences, Accounts, Advanced

      1. Mac Mail preferencdes, RSS feed

      1. Mac Mail preferences, Junk mail

      1. Mac Mail preferences, font and color

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Please feel welcome to Contact Gtekk with questions.

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